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Product Roadmap


This is brief glance at the Speakeasy near term roadmap. Want to see something else here? Reach out at, we typically respond within a few hours. You can also join our community slack here. Alternatively, book a call with one of us!

Developer Experience Portals

(Admin Users)

  • Usage KPIs for APIs
    • Average and Median time between API key generation and first 200
    • MAU, DAU, by new vs. existing users
    • % requests by customer by endpoint
    • % API requests by language (Client SDKs)

(All Users)

  • API user notification of error spikes via platform webhooks
  • API key rotation with expiry periods
  • One click sandbox mode for end users of the DevEx Portal - All keys and data seperated based on mode
  • Save and replay requests in groups


  • Datadog Integration
    • Track requests across Speakeasy and Datadog with Span Ids
  • Documentation integration
    • Docusaurus plugins - Use Speakeasy Embeds alongside your existing documentation

Server Side SDK Support

  • Python (Flask, Django, FastAPI)

Client SDKs As a Service

  • Generation support for Java, Rust, and Ruby
  • Usage telemetry by sdk version and language in the Speakeasy Dashboard
  • Speakeasy OpenAPI Extensions for Client SDKs
    • Retries
    • Pagination
    • Authentication methods
    • Custom HTTP Clients
    • Custom Server URLs
    • Generated Usage Snippets