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What is Speakeasy? Why should I use it ?

It's simple! Give your API users a best in class developer experience. Self-service every aspect of integration from getting an API key to idiomatic client sdks. Spend less time building table stakes dev ex and more time building your business. Reduce time spent by your dev team on support and documentation.

If that's got you excited, then head to our QuickStart Guide to get up and running:

Speakeasy Overview

Speakeasy is a platform that helps you operationalise and grow usage of your API. Think of it as your API platform team in a box.


Developer Experience for your API users

  • Developer Experience Portal - Move beyond API docs. Give your API users the ability to self-service API keys, request logs, usage metrics and more. Get a hosted portal in just a few minutes or embed the functionality into your own site.
  • Idiomatic Client SDKs - Auto-generate language idiomatic client SDKs straight from your OpenAPI schema. Give your API users the ergonomic experience that they expect in a variety of common languages and runtimes.

To see what other exciting things we have in the works, check out what's coming soon

How does Speakeasy work?

Speakeasy consists of a few core components:

  • A set of drop-in language and framework compatible server-side SDKs
  • A platform to capture API requests and externalise them into a Developer Experience Portal
  • A set of dev portal embeds to bring Speakeasy functionality into your own site

Serverside SDKs

The SDK provides a lightweight middleware that easily integrates into your services and sits in the request call chain. All Speakeasy serverside SDKs are open source and available on Github. They're built as best effort asynchronous middleware that will not degrade the performance of your service. Here is an example of what integration looks like for Golang, it's just a few lines. For other languages check out the Server-Side SDK reference.

import ""

func main() {
APIKey: "YOUR API KEY HERE", // retrieve from future Speakeasy dev dashboard

// rest of your program.

Speakeasy Platform

The Speakeasy platform is a lightweight data platform for your API request and response data. It is a containerised service designed to capture API service calls from our serverside SDK at high throughput. It also

  • writes these logs into a SQL speaking warehouse
  • run queries to serve usage metrics and logs into the Developer Experience Portal
  • powers an internal dashboard for you own dev team to administer the customer experience
  • integrates with your API gateway to externalise API keys


Developer Experience Portal

The Developer Experience Portal is a hosted portal that you can embed into your own customer facing site or use as a standalone site. It is built on top of the Speakeasy platform and provides a set of features to enable your API users to self-service common onboarding and integration operations. The portal also has an internal dashboard for your dev team to administer the customer experience.

  • API Overview: The homepage. This gives you a quick overview available APIs, their current status, and any changes in traffic and error rates. Users can organise their APIs as they grow by adding simple key-value labels. overview

  • API Endpoints: A detailed overview of all API endpoints being tracked by Speakeasy. Navigate to the request viewer and other features for each endpoint. overview

  • Request Viewer: The request viewer provides you with a list of requests ordered by timestamp descending. You can easily filter and search through requests using any parameter: consumer id, endpoint, session ID, response code, date time, etc. overview

  • Customer-Centric Usage: This dashboard gives you a breakdown of API usage by endpoint, method and consumer. From this dashboard you are able to easily create embeds for your API consumers to interact with directly. overview

  • API Key Management: Enable your API users to self-service long lived API key creation and revokation (like Github Personal Access Tokens). overview

Need help getting started?

For the fastest results, use our Quickstart guide. If you have questions, join our community slack. Alternatively, book time with one of us, or send an email to, we typically respond within a few hours.

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